Restaurant Reviews

October 30, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Fall 2009, Fun Stuff, Restaurant Reviews) (, )

This week, I went to Pino’s Pizza Al Centro.

Super yummy!!!  Just the way I like pizza.  It’s fairly inexpensive (with very large pieces of pizza!), but they only take cash (unless your bill is over $25).

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September 25, 2009 at 10:22 am (Fun Stuff, Restaurant Reviews) (, , )

Zoe’s Kitchen

It’s alright.  I like that all the sandwiches are on pitas instead of bread. But, their “famous” chicken salad was really kinda gross…

That’s a Wrap

From the outside, That’s a Wrap looks kinda trashy, and the food has lame names, but it tastes really good.  I recommend the Turkey Club.

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Restaurant Review

September 14, 2009 at 10:14 am (Life, Restaurant Reviews) (, , )

Last week, I went to the Thai Elephant again (twice…).  Chicken curry and fried tofu excellent as ever, chicken satay just ok (I didn’t particularly like the peanut sauce it came with).

Then on the day I didn’t have left over curry for lunch, I went to Red Brick Pizza.  I think its a little chain, but they make excellent pizza!!! Crispy crust with not too much sauce… just the way I like it!  And the service is really quick.

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New Feature – Restaurants

August 28, 2009 at 11:23 pm (Fun Stuff, Life, Restaurant Reviews) (, , )

My mom wanted me to add a new feature to my blog.  Restaurant Reviews.  While my home away from home has a fridge, there is no way to heat up food, so I eat out for almost every meal while I’m there.

Domino’s Pizza – I love that I can place an order online and have it delivered.  Beyond that, it is some of the worst fast food pizza (which is saying a lot, because I usually like fast food pizza).

The Wild Thaiger – Simply excellent thai food (I had the chicken curry and deep fried tofu, but there are a lot of other things on the menu that looked good).  The fried tofu was battered which was a little odd, but the curry was yummy.  Maybe not the safest parking lot (its secluded behind the building), but the other customers seemed to be fairly upstanding.

Subway – My old standby.  Its great on the drive down.

Sweet Tomatoes – Fine tasting food, but wayyyy overpriced.

Sui Wok – Just your usual chinese food.  I had the sesame chicken with rice.  It tasted good, but wasn’t anything exceptional.

Quiznos – Turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich.  It was ok, but has nothing on my beloved Subway.  Service was kinda lame (the guy got really confused when I said I didn’t want cheese… sorry, but I don’t like cheese on my sandwiches…

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