October 29, 2009 at 9:09 pm (Fall 2009, Issues, School, Spring 2010) (, )

Next semester I have to take one of the following courses:

Emancipating the Mind, Community and Social Change, or The Liberal Artist’s Place in the Community of All Beings.


They sound so boringly awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have absolutely no interest in any of those courses, and I need to take one of them this spring in order to graduate.  I am very unhappy with my school’s stupid policy  😦

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Then what?

October 15, 2009 at 11:19 pm (Fall 2009, School) (, , )

So, I am half way through a two weekend course called Hazardous Material Operations for First Responders.  Sounds interested, right?  Well, thats what I thought.

In this class I have learned that there are placards (so you can look up the necessary information in a book), there are 4 types of HazMat suit, and how to guess what is in a truck, railcar, or container based on its shape.

Thats all well and good.

I can tell you that the first placard indicates the presence of Propane.  And the second means that there is a fairly low health risk, a very high (the highest, in fact) flamibility risk, not at all reactive, and no special instructions.

Great.  Then what?  This class teaches nothing of the actual response, and as a result is incredible boring………….

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Summer Classes

July 26, 2009 at 6:53 pm (Issues, School, Summer 2009) (, )

Right now, I am taking two courses online, Patrol Procedures and Officer Safety.  They should be interesting.  But unfortunately they are both taught by the same person.  And her organization drives me a little crazy.  Especially the fact that the reading material she provides has nothing to do with the assignments.  Its just stupid.

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The end is near….

May 4, 2009 at 9:53 pm (School, Spring 2009) (, , )

One class down (intro to fire service)….. four to go…..

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Him Again

February 26, 2009 at 1:48 am (School, Spring 2009) (, , )

So remember that annoying old guy in my class? He is at it again. He acts like he knows everything!!!!!! And he won’t shut up about it……

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Gahhh I Hate School

February 19, 2009 at 1:24 am (Life, School) (, , )

Ok maybe not school, but the classes, the people in the classes, and more often it seems, everything else.

There is one person on particular (who I wrote about last semester) who is just so annoying. He has this obnoxious habit of thinking I like to chat before class – like it’s really his business if I think I passed last weeks test (which I did). There are just some people who should go sit in a dark closet and never come out.

I guess my classes are ok. But none of then are really that interesting or fun… Four weeks down, eight to go…

As for the rest of life. Nothing is fun. I never seem to see my family, and when I do everyone is busy or stressed or has something else they need to be doing. I never see my boyfriend, ’cause his new job has him working 2 nights and 5 days a week most weeks. Starting college has pretty much ruined my friendships with my three closest friends.

I think I am so in need of a vacation. New Zealand is still very high on my list. I also think it would be fun to take a trip to some place tropical. And of course, I wouldn’t say no to going back to Alaska. Besides, I just found out that Royal Caribbean cruise line has ice rinks on all their ships! Can you imagine snorkeling with sea turtles all day and then doing ice skating on a gently rocking ship? Sounds wonderful to me. Spring break is in four weeks, maybe I should go somewhere then…

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Domestic Violence Class

February 2, 2009 at 9:17 pm (Issues, School, Spring 2009) (, , )

I think I might drop my Domestic Violence class.

One of the assignments is a weekly journal entry about our reactions to the course material.  Ok, well I can do that.  But then today she goes and writes:

After reading all of the assignments that have been submitted many of you find the information on domestic violence interesting, eye opening and sometimes insightful to the world you have experienced.  BUT, I want to know where is your ANGER AND OUTRAGE  on what you have read.  This class is not about just using your brain you have to bring your heart into it!  It is through your heart that you can really begin to understand domestic violence and what victims experience.  So, in your next  journal summary write from your HEART.

I mean, come on.  What if I don’t feel anger and outrage at a particular chapter?  This teacher is all touchy-feely and thinks law enforcement is useless in DV situations.  Not really the perspective I tend to see eye-to-eye with.  Sure, law enforcement can only do something if the crime is actually reported, but thats on the victims – they need to report when they are a victim of violence.  I know there is the whole thing about victims growing up in this situation and not knowing that its not normal.  But still….

So anyway, for the first week, I got 3 out of 5 on my journal.  My teacher wrote:

The information on domestic violence and gender differences can be interesting. Did you have any thoughts, feelings or reactions to all of the material you read in chapter 1, the discussion board responses or the review questions?

Umm… no.  If I had thoughts, feelings, or reactions worth writing about, I would have written about it.  Its so stupid.  To get through this class with an A, I think I’d have to go through and make up some touchy-feely journal entry every week…

Gahh… stupid class.

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November 17, 2008 at 6:08 pm (School, Spring 2009) (, , , )

1200 dollars later I have registered for classes next semester, and my books have been ordered.

My final schedule is as follows:

  • Substantive Criminal Law (campus)
  • The Police Function (online)
  • The Correction Function (online)
  • Fire Science Intro (online)
  • Chamber Choir (campus)
  • Principles of Supervision (online)
  • Domestic Violence – WAITLIST (online)

Now how does that happen?  I registered two hours after registration opened (it would have been earlier, but I slept in this morning…), and the DV class was already full – I’m third on the waiting list.  And its not like its a small class; there are 22 seats.  Bummer.

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Class Doodles

September 19, 2008 at 8:38 pm (Fall 2008, Life, School) (, , , )

 I guess I’m just a bad student… I get so bored in class, because more often than not, if its a topic I’m interested in, then I have already taken the time to learn the material. So as a result I like to doodle while sitting in class and listening to the lecture.

Here are some from this week…

A Pig

A Pig





Fall Leaves



Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

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Why you don’t transfer credits

August 13, 2008 at 11:58 pm (Fall 2008, School) (, , , , , )

If you couldn’t guess, trying to transfer credits is a nightmare.

Over the summer I took a class at a different school so I could fulfill a graduation requirement.  No big deal, its in the same state and accredited by the same agency, so thats not the issue.  

So I’ve been emailing my counselor for about two weeks now to get these credits transfered.  Last I heard from her (this morning) she had the copy and would get it approved by the end of the week (yay!).  But then, this other guy (who runs my degree program) at the school (who I don’t think likes me very much – I dropped one of his classes last year cause it was so boring) called me today and said that I couldn’t take two of my fall classes (even though I have written permission from the instructors!!!) because I don’t have this one pre-rec done (even though it is… I got an A… and it will be transferred by the end of the week).  Arrrgh… I hate it when people aren’t helpful and I hate it when people are wrong – it just annoys me.

Yipee for personal drama.  In other news I decided to take another class in the fall.  Someone I know was taking 18 credits and I was feeling inferior with my 14 credits, so I decided to add another degree requirement, Society and Technology.

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