Quick Update

May 26, 2009 at 10:11 pm (Life) (, )

Over the weekend, I got to go to a wonderful Joshua Bell concert.  But now I’m really sick and so will write more later…

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May 21, 2009 at 11:07 pm (Fun Stuff)

I really should have majored in linguistics or something…

Anyway, here is another fun american dialect quiz.  This one provides 12 audio samples and you have to identify which region they are from.  Its pretty neat.


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Movie Review

May 17, 2009 at 12:13 pm (Fun Stuff, Summer Break)

I think that looks funny.

Anyway, last night, we went to see Star Trek.  It was wonderful!!!  Very well done, true to the story, good plot.  There are lots of inside jokes and tributes for the fans of the shows, but its done in such a way that anyone would enjoy it.

I would love to do down to Phoenix to see it on IMAX, ’cause that would just be fun.

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Random Product Reviews

May 14, 2009 at 11:40 am (Fun Stuff) (, )

Ok, so a couple weeks ago I upgraded my cell phone to the Motorola Krave.  Its a neat phone.  It has a touch screen, the flip part is fun, and it have Visual Voicemail.  But to be honest, Motorola has nothing on Apple’s touch screen technology.  (And it was also Apple who came up with the whole visual voicemail thing – which is way worth the extra $2 a month)

Crane’s 1 gallon humidifiers, in addition to being super cute, work wonders.  It’s quite and has good humidity out put.  I highly recommend it.

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Police Week Candlelight Vigil

May 13, 2009 at 12:58 pm (Law Enforcement, Life)

Tonight, the 21 Annual Candlelight Vigil at the National Law Enforcement Memorial will be  aired live at http://www.officer.com/events/candlelight09/watchlive/index.jsp.  This will take place at 8 PM ET.

The Candlelight Vigil is when the names of officers killed in the line of duty are officially added to the Wall.  Tonight, 387 officers will be honored (254 from 1808-2007, and 133 from 2008)

First Name Middle Name Last Name Rank End of Watch Panel:Line Department 


RODNEY KELLEY Correctional Officer 10/3/2008 30-E: 26 Alabama Department of Corrections 

EZRA SETHAL SMITH Constable 6/23/1956 43-E: 26 Grayson, Alabama, C.O. 

BENTLEY MACFARLAND BURNETT City Marshal 9/5/1908 16-E: 26 Haleyville, Alabama, P.D. 

JAMES DEAN FEZATTE Police Officer 3/29/2008 40-E: 26 Millbrook, Alabama, P.D. 

KENNETH G SURLES Police Officer 7/4/2008 6-W: 27 Pell City, Alabama, P.D. 

GEOFFREY W G STONE Police Officer 1/6/2008 33-E: 26 Vestavia Hills, Alabama, P.D. 

WILLIAM ROY POSEY Sheriff 9/7/1954 10-E: 26 Winston County, Alabama, S.O. 


RICHARD C LEBOW Sergeant 2/4/2008 6-E: 26 Arkansas State Police 

DARRELL MONTY CARMIKLE Sergeant 11/16/2008 28-E: 26 Arkansas Game and Fish Commission 

RALPH EUGENE MCMORAN Police Officer 4/23/2008 4-W: 27 North Little Rock, Arkansas, P.D. 


ERIK DAVID HITE Police Officer 6/2/2008 5-W: 27 Tucson, Arizona, P.D. 

DOUGLAS EUGENE FALCONER Correctional Officer 10/1/2008 31-E: 26 Arizona Department of Corrections 

BRUCE WESLEY HARROLLE Officer Paramedic 10/13/2008 26-E: 26 Arizona Dept. of Public Safety 

SHANE CORY FIGUEROA Police Officer 10/25/2008 48-E: 26 Phoenix, Arizona, P.D. 

GARY FREDERICK LABENZ Deputy Sheriff 10/10/2005 5-W: 27 Maricopa County, Arizona, S.O. 


JOSEPH PAUL SANDERS Police Officer 12/15/2008 3-E: 26 California Highway Patrol 

IRENE BEATRICE RIOS Deputy Probation Officer II 8/13/2008 55-E: 26 Imperial County, California, Probation Dept. 

JAMES EDWARD THRONE Deputy Sheriff II 5/23/2008 30-E: 26 Kern County, California, S.O. 

RANDY JAY HAMSON Deputy Sheriff 10/24/2008 7-E: 26 Los Angeles County, California, S.O. 

PERMAN CARLTON CALDERWOOD Deputy City Marshal 12/22/1930 6-E: 26 Los Angeles County, California, S.O. 

JUAN A ESCALANTE Deputy Sheriff 8/2/2008 6-W: 27 Los Angeles County, California, S.O. 

RANDAL D SIMMONS Police Officer III 2/7/2008 62-E: 26 Los Angeles, California, P.D. 

SPREE DESHA Police Officer III 9/12/2008 18-E: 26 Los Angeles, California, P.D. 

PAUL AVERY STARZYK Sergeant 9/6/2008 12-E: 26 Martinez, California, P.D. 

JOHN SLADE Police Officer 6/1/1909 60-E: 26 Pasadena, California, P.D. 

BRADLEY ALAN MOODY Police Officer 10/7/2008 50-E: 26 Richmond, California, P.D. 

PRESTON VAN SWANGUEN Constable 12/24/1907 20-E: 26 Riverside County, California, S.O. 

LAWRENCE WILHELM CANFIELD Deputy Sheriff 11/12/2008 14-E: 26 Sacramento County, California, S.O. 

PAUL WILLIAM DEROUEN Deputy Sheriff 3/29/2008 33-E: 26 Sacramento County, California, S.O. 

GEORGE C CHAPMAN Special Police Officer 4/27/1858 57-E: 26 Sacramento, California, P.D. 

WILLIAM JACKSON LITZ Deputy Sheriff 5/23/1959 26-E: 26 San Bernardino County, California, S.O. 

LAURA JEAN CLEAVES Investigator 5/1/2008 32-E: 26 Santa Barbara County, California, D.A. Office 

JOSE ANTONIO DIAZ Deputy Sheriff 6/15/2008 64-E: 26 Yolo County, California, S.O. 


ROBERT A CLARK City Marshal 7/10/1869 7-E: 26 Black Hawk, Colorado, P.D. 

NICHOLAS KARL HEINE Patrol Officer 6/21/2008 1-W: 27 Pueblo, Colorado, P.D. 

JESSE B CRAIG, SR Chief Marshal 7/4/1911 46-E: 26 Rocky Ford, Colorado, P.D. 

JACOB ANDREW KIPPER Night Marshal 7/18/1911 39-E: 26 Rocky Ford, Colorado, P.D. 


DARIO SCOTT APONTE Sergeant 9/10/2008 42-E: 26 New Haven, Connecticut, P.D. 


ANDREW ALLEN WIDMAN Police Officer 7/18/2008 14-E: 26 Fort Myers, Florida, P.D. 

ANTHONY E FORGIONE Deputy Sheriff 7/22/2008 27-E: 26 Okaloosa County, Florida, S.O. 

SANDRA JOYCE BULLOCK Detective 8/5/2008 57-E: 26 Bushnell, Florida, P.D. 

CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL KANE Police Officer 9/4/2008 4-W: 27 Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 

ALEX DEL RIO Police Officer 11/22/2008 15-E: 26 Hollywood, Florida, P.D. 

NICK P PHAM Deputy Sheriff 11/26/2008 20-E: 26 Monroe County, Florida, S.O. 

SHELDON S NICKS Deputy Sheriff 5/8/1909 60-E: 26 Pasco County, Florida, S.O. 

JUAN NALES Police Officer 7/18/1920 13-E: 26 West Tampa, Florida, P.D. 

MARC CHARLES WILBUR Sergeant 12/25/2008 3-W: 27 Avon Park, Florida, P.D. 

JOSEPH S WALKER City Town Marshal 9/25/1915 55-E: 26 Port Tampa, Florida, P.D. 

EVERETT ELWIN BLEWFIELD Patrolman 8/16/1926 51-E: 26 Tarpon Springs, Florida, P.D. 

JAMES MERRY WALKER Detective 1/8/2008 1-W: 27 Miami, Florida, P.D. 


MICHAEL SEAN THOMAS Deputy Sheriff 5/25/2008 8-E: 26 Bibb County, Georgia, S.O. 

ERIC CECIL BARKER, SR Police Officer 1/16/2008 5-E: 26 DeKalb County, Georgia, P.D. 

RICKY L BRYANT, JR Police Officer 1/16/2008 6-E: 26 DeKalb County, Georgia, P.D. 

JOSEPH WASHINGTON MORTON Deputy Sheriff 3/18/1922 34-E: 26 Walker County, Georgia, S.O. 

ALBERT G CATRON Sheriff 5/28/1921 28-E: 26 Walker County, Georgia, S.O. 

KATHY ANN COX Ordinance Officer 8/21/2008 48-E: 26 Gordon County, Georgia, Board of Commissioners 

DAVID WHITFIELD GILSTRAP, JR Deputy Sheriff 10/9/2008 52-E: 26 Oconee County, Georgia, S.O. 

STEVEN RAUL MEDEIROS Staff Sergeant 9/26/2008 4-W: 27 Kennesaw State University, Georgia, DPS 

WILLIAM EARL HOBBS Ranger 7/21/1967 56-E: 26 Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources 

ALEXANDER BRYANT MCNAUGHTON Police Officer 12/28/1944 2-E: 26 Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

ROBERT ARMAND GRIFFIN Deputy Sheriff 5/1/2008 29-E: 26 Decatur County, Georgia, S.O. 


RICHARD M FRANCIS Police Officer 7/2/2008 17-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

NATHANIEL TAYLOR, JR Police Officer 9/28/2008 7-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

JOSEPH M AIRHART, JR Detective 11/4/2008 44-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

JAMES QUINN Constable 12/5/1853 24-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

JOSEPH ANTONE SIGLER Special Policeman 9/14/1934 48-E: 26 Christian County, Illinois, S.O. 

JOHN FRANKLIN KELLEY Night Marshal 10/9/1921 25-E: 26 DuQuoin, Illinois, P.D. 

FRANK PAUL RUSSO Police Officer 11/1/2008 40-E: 26 Schaumburg, Illinois, P.D. 

HENRY PRATT Deputy Sheriff 7/30/1869 44-E: 26 Tazewell County, Illinois, S.O. 


RALPH WAYNE POGUE Police Officer 11/25/1928 37-E: 26 Bloomington, Indiana, P.D. 

DANIEL ROY BARRETT Trooper 1/27/2008 30-E: 26 Indiana State Police 

SARAH IRENE JONES Deputy Sheriff 10/19/2008 40-E: 26 Monroe County, Indiana, S.O. 


AMBROSE DONAHUE Merchant Police 7/2/1910 35-E: 26 Leavenworth, Kansas, P.D. 

JOHN CURRY Police Officer 5/1/1866 58-E: 26 Leavenworth, Kansas, P.D. 

WILLIAM G DEVINISH Police Officer 1/12/1910 1-W: 27 Leavenworth, Kansas, P.D. 


ANTHONY SEAN PURSIFULL Deputy Sheriff 1/10/2008 33-E: 26 Bell County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JERRY COMBS Deputy Sheriff 2/5/1940 22-E: 26 Breathitt County, Kentucky, S.O. 

J MATT SIZEMORE Sheriff 6/1/1969 62-E: 26 Clay County, Kentucky, S.O. 

MARVIN FRANKLIN CUMMINGS Deputy Sheriff 3/6/1920 3-W: 27 Clinton County, Kentucky, S.O. 

HENRY BROWN Police Officer 2/15/1896 38-E: 26 Frankfort, Kentucky, P.D. 

JOE E HOWARD, SR Constable 4/1/2008 38-E: 26 Harlan County, Kentucky, S.O. 

L R CAMPBELL Constable 8/23/1907 42-E: 26 Knox County, Kentucky, S.O. 

CALLOWAY CARNES Deputy Sheriff 5/4/1890 5-W: 27 Knox County, Kentucky, S.O. 

FLOYD SLUSHER Deputy Sheriff 3/31/1892 25-E: 26 Leslie County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JIM BELTZER Constable 6/1/1899 12-E: 26 Leslie County, Kentucky, S.O. 

MACK ROBERTS Deputy Sheriff 12/25/1905 41-E: 26 Leslie County, Kentucky, S.O. 

WILLIAM S WRIGHT Deputy Sheriff 1/30/1900 59-E: 26 Letcher County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JASON ANDREW WEBB Deputy Sheriff 12/24/1931 37-E: 26 Letcher County, Kentucky, S.O. 

RAYMOND C WARF Sheriff 10/31/1970 60-E: 26 Letcher County, Kentucky, S.O. 

BENJAMIN S RUST Police Officer 1/15/1862 11-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

EDWARD B HARDING Lieutenant 12/6/1885 9-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

WALTER VANCE Patrolman 8/25/1927 52-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

ANDREW J BLUNK Town Marshal 7/29/1893 5-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

JOHN WESLEY CARPENTER Police Officer 4/29/1935 25-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

WILLIAM LOU OSBORNE Chief of Police 10/9/1927 12-E: 26 Martin, Kentucky, P.D. 

STANLEY CLAY HELTON Deputy Sheriff 7/25/1932 62-E: 26 Menifee County, Kentucky, S.O. 

MARION STAPLETON Deputy Sheriff 7/13/1932 30-E: 26 Menifee County, Kentucky, S.O. 

HAMILTON FERGUSON, SR Constable 12/2/1984 9-E: 26 Nelson County, Kentucky, S.O. 

GUS HALL Deputy Marshal 6/25/1903 4-E: 26 Olive Hill, Kentucky, P.D. 

FRANK PHILLIPS Deputy Sheriff 12/13/1926 32-E: 26 Pike County, Kentucky, S.O. 

POYSTER KEENE, SR Deputy Sheriff 5/8/1993 23-E: 26 Pike County, Kentucky, S.O. 

THOMAS C TACKETT Deputy Sheriff 12/16/1929 4-W: 27 Pike County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JAMES SEXTON Chief of Police 5/27/1922 30-E: 26 Ravenna, Kentucky, P.D. 


PORTER SANDERS Patrolman 3/1/1912 6-E: 26 Shreveport, Louisiana, P.D. 

MARK A BECK Corporal 2/25/2008 45-E: 26 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, P.D. 

NICOLA DIANE COTTON Police Officer II 1/28/2008 64-E: 26 New Orleans, Louisiana, P.D. 

JOHN HENRY MONK Deputy Sheriff 3/19/1966 32-E: 26 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 

O DOUGLAS MCFILLEN Deputy Sheriff 3/19/1966 30-E: 26 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 

MARTHA ANN WOODS-SHAREEF Deputy Sheriff 8/20/2008 3-E: 26 Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, S.D. 

KEITH PAUL CHIASSON Captain 3/10/2008 24-E: 26 Thibodaux, Louisiana, P.D. 

JEREMY KEITH CARTER Deputy Sheriff 12/19/2008 12-E: 26 Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 


JOHN PETER GEORGES Patrol Officer 5/8/2007 22-E: 26 Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, P.D. 

JOSEPH A PELLETIER Chief of Police 6/10/1926 45-E: 26 Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, P.D. 

MELVIN EUGENE DYER Special Police Officer 8/25/2008 63-E: 26 Duxbury, Massachusetts, P.D. 

ALBERT SACCOCIA Patrolman 9/30/1966 50-E: 26 East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, P.D. 

ALBERT E MILLER Constable 6/20/1909 58-E: 26 Oxford, Massachusetts, P.D. 

JAMES ERVILLE VAUGHAN Chief of Police 9/23/1908 17-E: 26 Carver, Massachusetts, P.D. 


MICHAEL PATRICK HOWE Lieutenant 8/11/2008 52-E: 26 Baltimore County, Maryland, P.D. 

JAMES WASHINGTON KIRWIN Chief of Police 4/18/1930 25-E: 26 Crisfield, Maryland, P.D. 

JOHN H DAUGHERTY Chief of Police 7/28/1907 24-E: 26 Crisfield, Maryland, P.D. 

HARRY W DAUGHERTY Police Officer 5/1/1934 36-E: 26 Crisfield, Maryland, P.D. 

R MARK BREMER Officer First Class 10/23/2008 54-E: 26 Frederick City, Maryland, P.D. 

MICKEY CHARLES LIPPY Trooper First Class 9/28/2008 51-E: 26 Maryland State Police 

COURTNEY G BROOKS Corporal 1/1/2008 42-E: 26 Maryland Transportation Authority, P.D. 

RICHARD SCOTT FINDLEY Sergeant 6/27/2008 6-W: 27 Prince George’s County, Maryland, P.D. 

EDWARD G ROBERTSON Policeman 11/24/1942 17-E: 26 Town of North Beach, Maryland, P.D. 


MASON J SAMBORSKI Public Safety Officer I 12/28/2008 32-E: 26 Oak Park, Michigan, D.P.S. 


JOHN FRANCIS MCDERMOTT Police Officer 5/22/1923 64-E: 26 Rosemount, Minnesota, P.D. 


ROBERT JAMES CURRY Lieutenant 8/14/2008 59-E: 26 Gulfport, Mississippi, P.D. 


THOMAS FREDERICK BALLMAN Police Officer 2/7/2008 19-E: 26 Kirkwood, Missouri, P.D. 

WILLIAM KING BIGGS, JR Sergeant 2/7/2008 39-E: 26 Kirkwood, Missouri, P.D. 

GEORGE GREER City Marshal 3/27/1904 45-E: 26 Bloomfield, Missouri, P.D. 

GRANT ANTHONY JANSEN Police Officer 9/10/2008 24-E: 26 St. Charles City, Missouri, P.D. 

MICHAEL R KING Sergeant 10/31/2008 55-E: 26 University City, Missouri, P.D. 

OSCAR EDWIN HORNBERGER Deputy Constable 4/19/1930 24-E: 26 Perry County, Missouri, S.O. 


ALEXANDER DAVID ROSS Merchant Police Officer 3/17/1931 43-E: 26 Missoula, Montana, P.D. 

EVAN FREDERICK SCHNEIDER Trooper 8/26/2008 35-E: 26 Montana Highway Patrol 


KARA M KELLY-BORGOGNONE Trooper 2/28/2008 4-E: 26 Nevada Department of Public Safety 


THOMAS EMIL RAJI Police Officer 8/22/2008 58-E: 26 Perth Amboy, New Jersey, P.D. 

KENNETH ANDREW SANTUCCI Police Officer 9/6/2008 41-E: 26 Belleville, New Jersey, P.D. 


MICHAEL C AVILUCEA Lieutenant 5/30/2008 56-E: 26 New Mexico State Police 


KENNY MICHAEL DUNCAN Correction Officer 4/22/2008 2-W: 27 New York City Dept. of Corrections 

CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER RIDLEY Detective 1/25/2008 21-E: 26 Mt. Vernon, New York, P.D. 

ALDO A ROSSI, JR Police Officer 7/27/2008 47-E: 26 Port Dickinson, New York, P.D. 

SHAWN W SNOW Trooper 8/3/2008 14-E: 26 New York State Police 

JOSEPH DARDIS Police Officer 7/24/1944 47-E: 26 Beacon, New York, P.D. 

THOMAS WILLIAM CLARK Police Officer 1/17/2006 40-E: 26 Rochester, New York, P.D. 

PETER ANDREW RODGERS Police Officer 5/13/1924 45-E: 26 Dobbs Ferry, New York, P.D. 


ADAM WILLIAM KLUTZ Deputy Sheriff 9/19/2008 46-E: 26 Caldwell County, North Carolina, S.O. 

LEONARD CALVIN GOBLE Deputy Sheriff 6/2/1934 9-E: 26 Caldwell County, North Carolina, S.O. 

DAVID SHAWN BLANTON, JR Trooper 6/17/2008 15-E: 26 North Carolina Highway Patrol 

ANDREW JAMES STOCKS Trooper 9/9/2008 37-E: 26 North Carolina Highway Patrol 

STEVEN CHRISTOPHER BOEHM Deputy Sheriff 6/14/2008 13-E: 26 Onslow County, North Carolina, S.O. 

ALBERT MURPHY HOWELL Patrolman 9/15/1940 16-E: 26 Raeford, North Carolina, P.D. 

PLEASANT CLAY OAKES Chief of Police 8/31/1912 13-E: 26 Raeford, North Carolina, P.D. 


FREDERICK D ALDERMAN Police Officer 7/5/1882 5-W: 27 Fargo, North Dakota, P.D. 


DEREK WAYNE OWENS Patrol Officer 3/1/2008 18-E: 26 Cleveland, Ohio, P.D. 

JOSHUA T MIKTARIAN Patrolman 7/13/2008 48-E: 26 Twinsburg, Ohio, P.D. 

TIMOTHY ALLEN HALEY Police Officer 8/26/2008 51-E: 26 Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police 

SHERMAN BEATHARD City Marshal 1/16/1928 58-E: 26 London, Ohio, P.D. 

MARTY MICHAEL MARTIN Detective 9/6/2008 44-E: 26 Franklin County, Ohio, S.O. 

WILLIAM KENNETH CHADWELL Deputy Sheriff 12/24/2008 38-E: 26 Pickaway County, Ohio, S.O. 

FRANK H FLOWERS Chief of Police 4/3/1919 10-E: 26 Warren, Ohio, P.D. 

IRVING BAKER Patrolman 1/6/1933 6-W: 27 Warren, Ohio, P.D. 

AUSTIN HARMAN Patrolman 5/13/1919 3-W: 27 Bowling Green, Ohio, P.D. 

WILLIAM BURKETT Chief of Police 7/1/2005 16-E: 26 Plymouth, Ohio, P.D. 


BEN J HIGBEE City Marshal 2/1/1904 19-E: 26 Coyle, Oklahoma, P.D. 

G RALPH ELLIS Deputy Constable 11/7/1915 38-E: 26 Creek County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

ANDERSON LEWIS Sheriff 11/13/1905 59-E: 26 Gaines County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

HENRY L HARPER Deputy Sheriff 9/14/1919 27-E: 26 Harmon County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

LESLIE EUGENE WILMOTT Sergeant 5/29/2008 47-E: 26 Kiefer, Oklahoma, P.D. 

DUSTIN SHAWN DUNCAN Deputy Sheriff 2/4/2008 18-E: 26 Latimer County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

BERRY JONES Sheriff 2/14/1920 51-E: 26 Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

GEORGE LONEY Deputy Sheriff 5/2/1911 44-E: 26 Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

ROBERT CRAIG DOUGLAS Sergeant 9/28/2008 40-E: 26 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, P.D. 

WILLIAM C TURNER Guard Foreman 7/18/1935 51-E: 26 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 

ROBERT W ARNOLD Deputy Sheriff 12/14/1924 41-E: 26 Osage County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

JAMES D SNIDER Deputy Sheriff 2/13/1921 13-E: 26 Osage County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

DAVID SAMUEL ROBERTSON Deputy Sheriff 12/11/1929 6-E: 26 Seminole County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

TOM HOOD Deputy Sheriff 3/27/1933 35-E: 26 Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

WILLIAM FRANKLIN JONES Constable 7/15/1934 21-E: 26 Tillman County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

FRED HOLLINGSWORTH Deputy Sheriff 7/12/1915 19-E: 26 Washita County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

THEAREL MAJOR JOHNSON City Marshal 6/30/1950 45-E: 26 Wister, Oklahoma, P.D. 


WILLIAM ROBERT HAKIM Senior Trooper 12/12/2008 46-E: 26 Oregon State Police 

THOMAS PAUL TENNANT Captain 12/12/2008 23-E: 26 Woodburn, Oregon, P.D. 


HARRY H EXLEY Deputy Sheriff 8/22/1909 55-E: 26 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, S.O. 

MICHAEL A MCGINLEY, JR Constable 10/13/1915 10-E: 26 Altoona, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER WEIGAND Sergeant 9/14/2008 53-E: 26 Latimore Township, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

DAVID DONALD TOME Police Officer 10/21/2008 13-E: 26 Northern York County Regional, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

ISABEL NAZARIO Police Officer 9/5/2008 3-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

PATRICK MCDONALD Sergeant 9/23/2008 3-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

TIMOTHY SIMPSON Sergeant 11/17/2008 4-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

STEPHEN LICZBINSKI Sergeant 5/3/2008 4-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

ALBERT B BURRIS Lieutenant 6/30/1925 50-E: 26 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

WILLIAM LEVAN Police Officer 2/27/1868 34-E: 26 Reading, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

NATHANIEL MICHAEL BURNFIELD Police Officer 11/4/2008 8-E: 26 South Strabane Twp, Pennsylvania, P.D. 


J T MCATEER Prison Guard 7/5/1977 61-E: 26 Lancaster County, South Carolina, S.O. 

JAMES DARRYL HAYNES, II Lance Corporal 2/1/2008 21-E: 26 South Carolina Highway Patrol 

DENNIS CARL COMPTON Deputy Sheriff 8/6/2008 11-E: 26 Colleton County, South Carolina, S.O. 

JAMES DUFFY Police Officer 7/16/1916 50-E: 26 Charleston, South Carolina, P.D. 

WILLIAM HOWELL, JR Corporal 5/3/2008 20-E: 26 Orangeburg County, South Carolina, S.O. 


WILLIAM DANIEL NUCHOLS Deputy 10/7/1956 55-E: 26 Blount County, Tennessee, S.O. 

ANTHONY SHANE TATE Deputy Sheriff 6/5/2008 36-E: 26 Grundy County, Tennessee, S.O. 

CLARENCE D TURNER Deputy Sheriff 5/19/1928 60-E: 26 Cumberland County, Tennessee, S.O. 

JOHN FRANKLIN SWANN Deputy Sheriff 2/8/1924 42-E: 26 Roane County, Tennessee, S.O. 

BRIAN DEWAYNE DENNING Deputy Sheriff 12/8/2008 26-E: 26 Sumner County, Tennessee, S.O. 

LEE MAYO Constable 3/28/1928 3-W: 27 Davidson County, Tennessee, S.O. 

THOMAS FARRELL Deputy Sheriff 5/27/1913 15-E: 26 Davidson County, Tennessee, S.O. 

BILLY M STEVENS Correctional Deputy 5/22/1966 52-E: 26 Davidson County, Tennessee, S.O. 

JAMES A DICKEY Sheriff 8/1/1964 31-E: 26 McNairy County, Tennessee, S.O. 

JOHN YORK Deputy Sheriff 6/29/1931 10-E: 26 McNairy County, Tennessee, S.O. 


MARK STEVEN SIMMONS, JR Police Officer 12/17/2008 3-E: 26 Amarillo, Texas, P.D. 

JAMES ROBERT GODLEY Deputy Sheriff 12/13/1874 53-E: 26 Anderson County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM READ MCMULLEN Sheriff 5/19/1866 40-E: 26 Angelina County, Texas, S.O. 

DARWIN RICE Deputy Constable 8/8/1886 21-E: 26 Bell County, Texas, S.O. 

JOSEPH THEOPHELUS HUTSON Chief of Police 2/10/1929 36-E: 26 Borger, Texas. P.D. 

PARKER MORGAN Deputy Sheriff 12/2/1874 63-E: 26 Bosque County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN MORGAN Deputy Sheriff 12/2/1874 36-E: 26 Bosque County, Texas, S.O. 

ROBERT F TALLEY Deputy Constable 11/10/1947 41-E: 26 Bowie County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 6 

LEONARD E MOREHEAD Sheriff 3/29/1924 18-E: 26 Brazos County, Texas, S.O. 

FRANCIS HOWARD BECKER Deputy Sheriff 8/19/1942 20-E: 26 Brown County, Texas, S.O. 

LEVIN P SMITH, JR Deputy City Marshal 5/15/1885 33-E: 26 Bryan, Texas, P.D. 

PEDRO VALDEZ, JR Deputy Sheriff 2/19/1928 64-E: 26 Caldwell County, Texas, S.O. 

SANTIAGO BRITO Sheriff 8/21/1892 34-E: 26 Cameron County, Texas, S.O. 

EVERETT WILLIAM DENNIS Police Officer 6/3/2008 58-E: 26 Carthage, Texas, P.D. 

ALFRED OTTO FISCHER Deputy Sheriff 3/10/1917 19-E: 26 Comal County, Texas, S.O. 

MATTHEW BARRET THEBEAU Police Officer 1/20/2008 43-E: 26 Corpus Christi, Texas, P.D. 

JOHN E MARTINDALE City Marshal 10/25/1887 10-E: 26 Cuero, Texas, P.D. 

VICTOR ANTONIO LOZADA, SR, SR Senior Corporal 2/22/2008 2-W: 27 Dallas, Texas, P.D. 

JOHN WILSON SLAUGHTER Night Watchman 3/12/1927 21-E: 26 Clarendon, Texas, P.D. 

THOMAS PAGE GODFREY, JR Constable 8/3/1938 22-E: 26 Ellis County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

OTTO MENN Deputy Sheriff 11/9/1898 59-E: 26 Fayette County, Texas, S.O. 

ALBERT LITTLE Deputy Sheriff 2/8/1888 23-E: 26 Gonzales County, Texas, S.O. 

HARRY LANE THIELEPAPE, JR Corporal 2/20/2008 23-E: 26 Harris County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 6 

DAVID JOUBERT, SR Deputy Constable 1/12/2008 5-E: 26 Harris County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 7 

THOMAS L KEEN Deputy Sheriff 9/15/2008 18-E: 26 Harris County, Texas, S.O. 

CHARLES L HAYS Constable 10/1/1903 17-E: 26 Harrison County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 4 

LEONARD C DELISLE Sheriff 5/27/1869 38-E: 26 Harrison County, Texas, S.O. 

RUFUS H DAY Deputy Sheriff 12/23/1879 53-E: 26 Henderson County, Texas, S.O. 

JAMES J BOBBITT Constable 4/30/1910 60-E: 26 Houston County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 7 

GARY ALLEN GRYDER Police Officer 6/29/2008 20-E: 26 Houston, Texas, P.D. 

TIMOTHY SCOTT ABERNETHY Police Officer 12/7/2008 25-E: 26 Houston, Texas, P.D. 

GEORGE WILLIAM HARDIN Deputy Constable 7/2/1900 49-E: 26 Hunt County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

ROBERT F HAGOOD Deputy Sheriff 10/14/1874 52-E: 26 Hunt County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM MEREDITH KING Sheriff 7/17/1885 31-E: 26 Jack County, Texas, S.O. 

GEORGE M LEFTWITCH Deputy Sheriff 8/10/1901 34-E: 26 Jack County, Texas, S.O. 

FRANK MILBY Deputy Sheriff 12/6/1903 49-E: 26 Jackson County, Texas, S.O. 

GEORGE WHARTON Sheriff 9/13/1903 46-E: 26 Jackson County, Texas, S.O. 

FRANK BRUGH Deputy Sheriff 9/13/1903 27-E: 26 Jackson County, Texas, S.O. 

W F CARR Guard 11/3/1906 4-W: 27 Jefferson County, Texas, Convict Camp 

HARVEY BOLIN Deputy Sheriff 8/20/1932 33-E: 26 Lamb County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN HARMON MUNDINE Deputy Sheriff 4/18/1903 39-E: 26 Lee County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM CAMP Guard 6/8/1892 49-E: 26 McLennan County, Texas, Convict Farm 

ROBERT H WOODALL Jailer 9/23/1925 5-E: 26 McLennan County, Texas, S.O. 

EDWARD D EMMONS Deputy Sheriff 1/12/1935 63-E: 26 McLennan County, Texas, S.O. 

MARCUS TILLMAN CAGE City Marshal 10/17/1903 62-E: 26 Mineola, Texas, P.D. 

WAYNE B PARKS Deputy Sheriff 10/29/1885 37-E: 26 Mitchell County, Texas, S.O. 

JESS S HENDERSON Deputy Sheriff 1/23/1923 63-E: 26 Morris County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN W MARTIN Deputy Sheriff 3/28/1924 45-E: 26 Nacogdoches County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM JACKSON CARNLEY Deputy Sheriff 5/16/1918 44-E: 26 Nacogdoches County, Texas, S.O. 

JAMES FRANKLIN NEWMAN Sheriff 12/30/1914 43-E: 26 Nolan County, Texas, S.O. 

CHARLES WASHINGTON NEWSOM Night Watchman 12/5/1920 47-E: 26 Pittsburg, Texas, P.D. 

TORIBIO PASTRANO Deputy Sheriff 8/14/1891 53-E: 26 Presidio County, Texas, S.O. 

ADDISON WYSER Deputy Sheriff 5/28/1882 28-E: 26 Robertson County, Texas, S.O. 

CHARLES THOMAS RUSHING Deputy Sheriff 9/21/1913 22-E: 26 Robertson County, Texas, S.O. 

ROBERT A DAVIS Patrol Officer 12/1/2008 35-E: 26 San Antonio, Texas, P.D. 

ROBERT LEE WATTS Sheriff 11/1/1919 38-E: 26 San Augustine County, Texas, S.O. 

HENRY CLAY WALKER Constable 10/2/1942 58-E: 26 Stonewall County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

JOHN L WYLIE Correctional Officer 4/22/1909 28-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BOBBIE B BULLARD Warden 6/6/1963 15-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

CHARLES CLAIBORNE Correctional Officer 8/9/1915 61-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JESSE F GOODWIN Correctional Officer 7/16/1890 42-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JAMES JACKSON Correctional Officer 12/15/1890 21-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LARUE Correctional Officer 11/22/1946 12-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

SIDNEY ALBERT SYMS Correctional Officer 9/29/1928 60-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JOSEPH F WILKERSON Correctional Officer 4/23/1906 50-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BENJAMIN WILLIAMSON Correctional Officer 6/30/1890 15-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BARBARA J SHUMATE Sergeant 6/13/2008 13-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

H D PARSONS Correctional Officer 7/26/1898 46-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

WILLIAM M RADER Correctional Officer 7/22/1926 22-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

FELIX SMITH Correctional Officer 6/19/1936 63-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

TOMMY MELLIE STARNES Correctional Officer 6/11/1931 47-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JAMES SCOTT BURNS Trooper II 4/29/2008 53-E: 26 Texas Dept. of Public Safety 

GEORGE HAROLD WHATLEY, JR Game Warden 10/10/2008 26-E: 26 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 

FOUNTAIN B WOODRUFF Private 2/4/1860 3-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM A GLASS Private 7/12/1874 2-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

DAVID W H BAILEY Private 7/12/1874 19-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM MCKAY Private 11/16/1859 56-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM BOHANON Private 7/2/1885 31-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

R E DOATY Private 3/22/1892 4-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JONATHON THOMPSON Private 2/27/1859 16-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS GRIER Private 11/16/1859 48-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

NICHOLAS R MILETT Private 11/16/1859 7-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOHN FOX Private 11/16/1859 6-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

DAVID HERMAN Private 12/14/1859 24-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOSEPH R RIFF Private 12/6/1870 39-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WALTER RICHARZ Private 12/6/1870 23-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

ROBERT NICKEL Private 5/12/1858 50-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

LORENZO BIEDIGER Private 12/6/1870 55-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

HOMER WHITE Private 2/4/1908 35-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

ROBERT LEE BURDETT Private 6/7/1915 61-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

T E P PERKINS Private 11/7/1918 52-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

W EMMETT ROBUCK Private 9/9/1902 27-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

L B SMITH Private 6/12/1875 14-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM M ALSOBROOK Private 12/9/1919 11-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS JEFFERSON GOFF Private 9/14/1905 23-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOSEPH BENJAMIN BUCHANAN Private 12/26/1921 54-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOE R SHAW Private 8/21/1918 2-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

EUGENE B HULEN Private 5/24/1915 20-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS CARLYLE HYDE Private 4/30/1918 49-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

SCOTT RUSSELL Private 6/23/1913 61-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JAMES H MOORE Private 3/31/1887 43-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM B ANGLIN Private 6/29/1879 2-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

GEORGE R BINGHAM Private 7/3/1880 18-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS P NIGH Private 8/18/1885 61-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOHN F GRAVIS Private 8/4/1890 12-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

A A RUZIN Private 8/10/1878 16-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

TIMOTHY MCCARTY Private 1/2/1878 56-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

J W WOODS Private 11/30/1893 9-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

C E MORTIMER Fourth Sergeant 12/13/1877 34-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOHN E MCBRIDE Third Sergeant 12/17/1877 29-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

BRENT LEE Sheriff 11/27/2008 1-W: 27 Trinity County, Texas, S.O. 

W H KELLY Deputy Sheriff 4/24/1911 6-W: 27 Trinity County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN L HAMMOND City Marshal 5/17/1890 54-E: 26 Vernon, Texas, P.D. 

WALTER MURRAY KIBBE Deputy Sheriff 7/24/1911 51-E: 26 Victoria County, Texas, S.O. 

NELSON MAXEY Deputy Sheriff 11/19/1869 33-E: 26 Washington County, Texas, S.O. 

OTTO H HEYNE Deputy Sheriff 7/31/1936 2-W: 27 Wharton County, Texas, S.O. 

SAM ABBOTT MOSLEY Deputy Constable 8/22/1898 62-E: 26 Wichita County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

UEL MUSICK Sheriff 12/7/1882 62-E: 26 Wilbarger County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM A GILLESPIE Deputy Sheriff 3/11/1927 5-E: 26 Wilbarger County, Texas, S.O. 


CHARLES BENJAMIN SKINNER Police Officer 11/8/2008 36-E: 26 North Salt Lake, Utah, P.D. 

LEVI WASHINGTON DAVIS Police Officer 5/7/1860 54-E: 26 Springville, Utah, P.D. 


JARROD BRENT SHIVERS Detective 1/17/2008 27-E: 26 Chesapeake, Virginia, P.D. 

TODD ALLEN BAHR Police Officer 6/6/2008 41-E: 26 Fredericksburg, Virginia, P.D. 

GEORGE WASHINGTON NUCKOLLS Town Sergeant 3/8/1919 39-E: 26 Coeburn, Virginia, P.D. 

ROSCOE FLANARY Police Officer 11/1/1906 54-E: 26 Coeburn, Virginia, P.D. 

LUTHER PANNETT Sheriff 12/21/1932 17-E: 26 Frederick County, Virginia, S.O. 

MICHAEL SMITH PHILLIPS Detective 8/7/2008 28-E: 26 Virginia Beach, Virginia, P.D. 

JOHN MOSES YOST Town Sergeant 7/2/1921 5-W: 27 Richlands, Virginia, P.D. 

FRANCIS JOSEPH STECCO Second Lieutenant 10/25/2008 48-E: 26 Fairfax County, Virginia, P.D. 

JOHN WILLIAMSON SAUNDERS, SR Justice of the Peace 3/22/1900 37-E: 26 Greensville County, Virginia, S.O. 


ANNE MARIE JACKSON Patrol Deputy 9/2/2008 53-E: 26 Skagit County, Washington, S.O. 

NELSON KAI NG Sergeant 8/15/2008 4-W: 27 Ellensburg, Washington, P.D. 


CLAUDE HENSLEY Chief of Police 4/27/1909 19-E: 26 Clendenin, West Virginia, P.D. 

JOSEPH H DAVIDSON Constable 10/9/1934 4-E: 26 Mercer County, West Virginia, S.O. 


JOHN HARMS Detective 11/18/1918 47-E: 26 Racine, Wisconsin, P.D. 

HUBERT STAATS Deputy Sheriff 9/13/1927 7-E: 26 La Crosse County, Wisconsin, S.O. 

JASON SCOTT ZUNKER Deputy Sheriff 1/5/2008 44-E: 26 Chippewa County, Wisconsin, S.O. 


EDWARD N DAWES Deputy Sheriff 7/30/1895 3-W: 27 Uinta County, Wyoming, S.O. 


OSVALDO PEREZ-LEON Agent 7/7/2008 32-E: 26 Puerto Rico, P.D. 

ORLANDO GONZALEZ-ORTIZ Agent 8/7/2008 2-E: 26 Puerto Rico, P.D. 

AKEEM BASIL NEWTON Police Officer 1/20/2008 31-E: 26 U.S. Virgin Islands, P.D. 


THOMAS JOSEPH BYRNE Group Supervisor 8/30/2008 26-E: 26 Drug Enforcement Administration 

SAMUEL STEELE HICKS Special Agent 11/19/2008 63-E: 26 Federal Bureau of Investigation 

CHARLES LINSON BROWN, JR Special Agent 7/5/1973 49-E: 26 Federal Bureau of Investigation 

JOSE V RIVERA Correctional Officer 6/20/2008 36-E: 26 Federal Bureau of Prisons 

LEE CHARL HITCHCOCK Captain 9/10/1967 29-E: 26 Office of Special Investigations, Air Force 

LUIS ALBERTO AGUILAR Senior Patrol Agent 1/19/2008 10-E: 26 U.S. Border Patrol 

JAROD C DITTMAN Border Patrol Agent 3/30/2008 11-E: 26 U.S. Border Patrol 

KRISTINE MARIE FAIRBANKS Law Enforcement Officer 9/20/2008 29-E: 26 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service 

TIMOTHY JOHN FIDEL Special Agent 10/29/2004 2-W: 27 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

JOSEPH C AKIN Posse Member 2/21/1915 29-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

JIRDAN LOUIS ANDERS Deputy U.S. Marshal 9/9/1921 16-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

BOYD ARNETT Deputy U.S. Marshal 8/20/1895 7-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

CALLOWAY BRANSON GARNER Special Deputy Marshal 6/24/1893 46-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

JOHN FRANKLIN GOODING Deputy U.S. Marshal 7/18/1935 49-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

JAMES E HILL Deputy U.S. Marshal 10/30/1924 17-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

WALTER RELEIGH KILLION Deputy U.S. Marshal 5/24/1884 41-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

HENRY M LOVE Posse Member 7/20/1899 54-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

FAX BROOKS MURPHY Deputy U.S. Marshal 8/17/1960 31-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

CHARLES THOMAS WARNER Deputy U.S. Marshal 5/23/1935 5-W: 27 U.S. Marshals Service 

SHERMAN RUSSELL Deputy U.S. Marshal 7/12/1893 14-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

C RV SCHEFSKY Special Deputy Marshal 9/7/1870 59-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

ORVILLE R WEBSTER Deputy U.S. Marshal 9/19/1919 42-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

BRUCE O SHAFFER Postal Inspector 8/31/1951 14-E: 26 U.S. Postal Inspection Service 

LEVI C CHANCE Postal Inspector 2/14/1923 15-E: 26 U.S. Postal Inspection Service 


DIRK A MILLER Special Agent 12/12/1985 6-W: 27 Army Criminal Investigative Command 

THOMAS J MORRELL Military Police 6/13/1987 37-E: 26 Marine Corps, U.S. 


ALBERT W LARGE Chief Special Agent 8/7/1903 39-E: 26 Grand Trunk Railway, P.D. 

EDWARD G LOWRY Police Officer 2/19/1909 11-E: 26 Omaha, Nebraska, P.D. 

MYLES S KELLER Sheriff 11/9/1924 43-E: 26 Perkins County, Nebraska, S.O. 

BRICE LEON WOODY Special Agent 7/23/1965 22-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

GEORGE RICHARD KEBORT Special Agent 7/8/1949 32-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

LEONARD HARRIS Chief Detective 5/16/1894 35-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

JAMES NATHANIEL MALONE Special Agent 7/8/1924 61-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

AARON G GARCIA Special Agent 5/7/2008 28-E: 26 Union Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

WILLIAM FORD SHERMAN Special Agent 8/31/1927 59-E: 26 Union Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

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Classes are DONE!

May 12, 2009 at 10:18 pm (Fun Stuff, Life, School, Spring 2009) (, , , )

Classes are done and it is summer!

Intro to Fire Science – A

Substantive Criminal Law – A

Principles of Supervision – A

The Police Function – A

Choir – A

This semester brings my GPA to 3.923 (I’m still trying to get rid of the ill-effects of a Statistics class and College Comp 2…. sigh…)

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Police Week

May 12, 2009 at 9:54 pm (Law Enforcement, Life)

It is Police Week 2009.


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All (bad) things come to an end…

May 8, 2009 at 8:45 pm (School, Spring 2009) (, , , )

Intro to Fire Science – A

Substantive Criminal Law – A

Principles of Supervision – A

The Police Function – Pending

Choir – Pending

so close to being done 🙂


oh, and on top of that, I just learned that I was selected for a $2500 scholarship for the fall… this is shaping up to be a pretty good day.

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The end is near….

May 4, 2009 at 9:53 pm (School, Spring 2009) (, , )

One class down (intro to fire service)….. four to go…..

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May 3, 2009 at 1:59 am (Fun Stuff, Life) (, )

I have loved photography and taking pictures as long as I can remember.  Well, I am finally trying to make at least a partial shift from amateur to professional photography.  So I have a website set up where you can purchase prints, puzzles, mugs, mouse pads and other fun stuff.  So please take a look and let me know what you think.  Also, it would be wonderful if you pass the link on to anyone you think may be interested.


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