Not my day…

August 24, 2009 at 3:01 pm (Life) (, )

9am – Wake up
10am – leave the house to go to a meeting with my school advisor
10:10 – Truck overturned in the road.. no one hurt, but blocking the road
10:28 – Pulling into the school (almost late), some guy points out my back tire is flat (and my parents just happen to be out of town today)
10:29 – Text a friend who just happens to be planning to be on campus this morning
10:30 – Go to meeting (on time!)
11:30 – Finish meeting, go to text friend and notice cell battery is dead
11:35 – Find friends, put spare tire on car
12:00 – Drive to tire place, on the way I plugged in my phone and ipod into the nifty new power strip I had repaired and reinstalled in my car on Friday… apparently it overloaded the fuse¬† (in other words… I don’t have a power source for my phone, gps, or ipod when I drive to phoenix… and while my ipod has a speaker in it, I have to keep the windows down ’cause there is no AC, and I can’t hear it over the wind…)
1pm – Leave tire place with nicely repaired tire
1:15 – Get lunch
1:30 – Go home

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One of those days…

August 15, 2009 at 8:57 am (Life, School, Summer 2009) (, , , )

Today is one of those days where everything starts off great. Then gets steadily worse. And, its not even 9am yet……………………………………

Maybe tomorrow will be better……..

Though I am working on a cake today that should be fun.  Writing an essay and cleaning my room Рnot so fun.

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