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October 30, 2009 at 4:00 pm (Law Enforcement, Life) (, , , , )

On Monday, three DEA Agents were killed when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.  These were the first Agent deaths since the DEA began their anti-narcotics mission in Afghanistan in 2005.

Special Agent Michael E. Weston

Special Agent Forest N. Leamon

Special Agent Chad L. Michael

Remarks by DEA Acting Administrator Michele M. Leonhart:

Today, we mourn the tragic loss of three DEA Special Agents:

  • Chad L. Michael was 30 years old from Quantico, VA.
  • Michael E. Weston was 37 years old from Washington, D.C.
  • Forrest N. Leamon was 37 years old from Woodbridge, VA.

These were not ordinary men.  In a world where “ordinary” has become acceptable, these courageous human beings made “extraordinary” contributions.

They pledged an oath, they wore a badge, and they “stood the line.”

They were proud warriors performing a vital mission.  They were more than just Special Agents, they were also special Americans.  Like you, they volunteered to serve their country.  Like you, they believed in the mission.  Like you, they made the saving of lives their life’s work.

We are all saddened by this tragic event. DEA is an extremely tight family, and the death of these three brave agents is a devastating loss for us. We honor their service, bravery, and sacrifice.  We all stand taller and fight harder for having known them.  Their loss inspires us to even greater determination.

No expressions of grief can adequately convey the depth of the collective sorrow that we feel for their family and friends. The heartfelt prayers and deepest sympathies of everyone at DEA go out to them.

We owe our fallen heroes a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid, and we will forever cherish their call to service and carry their spirit in our hearts.

In closing, DEA would like to thank everyone, both civilian and military, who came to our aid by providing invaluable assistance and support during our time of need.  DEA will forever be grateful.

Thank you.

Full press release here.


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