Police Week Candlelight Vigil

May 13, 2009 at 12:58 pm (Law Enforcement, Life)

Tonight, the 21 Annual Candlelight Vigil at the National Law Enforcement Memorial will be  aired live at http://www.officer.com/events/candlelight09/watchlive/index.jsp.  This will take place at 8 PM ET.

The Candlelight Vigil is when the names of officers killed in the line of duty are officially added to the Wall.  Tonight, 387 officers will be honored (254 from 1808-2007, and 133 from 2008)

First Name Middle Name Last Name Rank End of Watch Panel:Line Department 


RODNEY KELLEY Correctional Officer 10/3/2008 30-E: 26 Alabama Department of Corrections 

EZRA SETHAL SMITH Constable 6/23/1956 43-E: 26 Grayson, Alabama, C.O. 

BENTLEY MACFARLAND BURNETT City Marshal 9/5/1908 16-E: 26 Haleyville, Alabama, P.D. 

JAMES DEAN FEZATTE Police Officer 3/29/2008 40-E: 26 Millbrook, Alabama, P.D. 

KENNETH G SURLES Police Officer 7/4/2008 6-W: 27 Pell City, Alabama, P.D. 

GEOFFREY W G STONE Police Officer 1/6/2008 33-E: 26 Vestavia Hills, Alabama, P.D. 

WILLIAM ROY POSEY Sheriff 9/7/1954 10-E: 26 Winston County, Alabama, S.O. 


RICHARD C LEBOW Sergeant 2/4/2008 6-E: 26 Arkansas State Police 

DARRELL MONTY CARMIKLE Sergeant 11/16/2008 28-E: 26 Arkansas Game and Fish Commission 

RALPH EUGENE MCMORAN Police Officer 4/23/2008 4-W: 27 North Little Rock, Arkansas, P.D. 


ERIK DAVID HITE Police Officer 6/2/2008 5-W: 27 Tucson, Arizona, P.D. 

DOUGLAS EUGENE FALCONER Correctional Officer 10/1/2008 31-E: 26 Arizona Department of Corrections 

BRUCE WESLEY HARROLLE Officer Paramedic 10/13/2008 26-E: 26 Arizona Dept. of Public Safety 

SHANE CORY FIGUEROA Police Officer 10/25/2008 48-E: 26 Phoenix, Arizona, P.D. 

GARY FREDERICK LABENZ Deputy Sheriff 10/10/2005 5-W: 27 Maricopa County, Arizona, S.O. 


JOSEPH PAUL SANDERS Police Officer 12/15/2008 3-E: 26 California Highway Patrol 

IRENE BEATRICE RIOS Deputy Probation Officer II 8/13/2008 55-E: 26 Imperial County, California, Probation Dept. 

JAMES EDWARD THRONE Deputy Sheriff II 5/23/2008 30-E: 26 Kern County, California, S.O. 

RANDY JAY HAMSON Deputy Sheriff 10/24/2008 7-E: 26 Los Angeles County, California, S.O. 

PERMAN CARLTON CALDERWOOD Deputy City Marshal 12/22/1930 6-E: 26 Los Angeles County, California, S.O. 

JUAN A ESCALANTE Deputy Sheriff 8/2/2008 6-W: 27 Los Angeles County, California, S.O. 

RANDAL D SIMMONS Police Officer III 2/7/2008 62-E: 26 Los Angeles, California, P.D. 

SPREE DESHA Police Officer III 9/12/2008 18-E: 26 Los Angeles, California, P.D. 

PAUL AVERY STARZYK Sergeant 9/6/2008 12-E: 26 Martinez, California, P.D. 

JOHN SLADE Police Officer 6/1/1909 60-E: 26 Pasadena, California, P.D. 

BRADLEY ALAN MOODY Police Officer 10/7/2008 50-E: 26 Richmond, California, P.D. 

PRESTON VAN SWANGUEN Constable 12/24/1907 20-E: 26 Riverside County, California, S.O. 

LAWRENCE WILHELM CANFIELD Deputy Sheriff 11/12/2008 14-E: 26 Sacramento County, California, S.O. 

PAUL WILLIAM DEROUEN Deputy Sheriff 3/29/2008 33-E: 26 Sacramento County, California, S.O. 

GEORGE C CHAPMAN Special Police Officer 4/27/1858 57-E: 26 Sacramento, California, P.D. 

WILLIAM JACKSON LITZ Deputy Sheriff 5/23/1959 26-E: 26 San Bernardino County, California, S.O. 

LAURA JEAN CLEAVES Investigator 5/1/2008 32-E: 26 Santa Barbara County, California, D.A. Office 

JOSE ANTONIO DIAZ Deputy Sheriff 6/15/2008 64-E: 26 Yolo County, California, S.O. 


ROBERT A CLARK City Marshal 7/10/1869 7-E: 26 Black Hawk, Colorado, P.D. 

NICHOLAS KARL HEINE Patrol Officer 6/21/2008 1-W: 27 Pueblo, Colorado, P.D. 

JESSE B CRAIG, SR Chief Marshal 7/4/1911 46-E: 26 Rocky Ford, Colorado, P.D. 

JACOB ANDREW KIPPER Night Marshal 7/18/1911 39-E: 26 Rocky Ford, Colorado, P.D. 


DARIO SCOTT APONTE Sergeant 9/10/2008 42-E: 26 New Haven, Connecticut, P.D. 


ANDREW ALLEN WIDMAN Police Officer 7/18/2008 14-E: 26 Fort Myers, Florida, P.D. 

ANTHONY E FORGIONE Deputy Sheriff 7/22/2008 27-E: 26 Okaloosa County, Florida, S.O. 

SANDRA JOYCE BULLOCK Detective 8/5/2008 57-E: 26 Bushnell, Florida, P.D. 

CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL KANE Police Officer 9/4/2008 4-W: 27 Jacksonville, Florida, S.O. 

ALEX DEL RIO Police Officer 11/22/2008 15-E: 26 Hollywood, Florida, P.D. 

NICK P PHAM Deputy Sheriff 11/26/2008 20-E: 26 Monroe County, Florida, S.O. 

SHELDON S NICKS Deputy Sheriff 5/8/1909 60-E: 26 Pasco County, Florida, S.O. 

JUAN NALES Police Officer 7/18/1920 13-E: 26 West Tampa, Florida, P.D. 

MARC CHARLES WILBUR Sergeant 12/25/2008 3-W: 27 Avon Park, Florida, P.D. 

JOSEPH S WALKER City Town Marshal 9/25/1915 55-E: 26 Port Tampa, Florida, P.D. 

EVERETT ELWIN BLEWFIELD Patrolman 8/16/1926 51-E: 26 Tarpon Springs, Florida, P.D. 

JAMES MERRY WALKER Detective 1/8/2008 1-W: 27 Miami, Florida, P.D. 


MICHAEL SEAN THOMAS Deputy Sheriff 5/25/2008 8-E: 26 Bibb County, Georgia, S.O. 

ERIC CECIL BARKER, SR Police Officer 1/16/2008 5-E: 26 DeKalb County, Georgia, P.D. 

RICKY L BRYANT, JR Police Officer 1/16/2008 6-E: 26 DeKalb County, Georgia, P.D. 

JOSEPH WASHINGTON MORTON Deputy Sheriff 3/18/1922 34-E: 26 Walker County, Georgia, S.O. 

ALBERT G CATRON Sheriff 5/28/1921 28-E: 26 Walker County, Georgia, S.O. 

KATHY ANN COX Ordinance Officer 8/21/2008 48-E: 26 Gordon County, Georgia, Board of Commissioners 

DAVID WHITFIELD GILSTRAP, JR Deputy Sheriff 10/9/2008 52-E: 26 Oconee County, Georgia, S.O. 

STEVEN RAUL MEDEIROS Staff Sergeant 9/26/2008 4-W: 27 Kennesaw State University, Georgia, DPS 

WILLIAM EARL HOBBS Ranger 7/21/1967 56-E: 26 Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources 

ALEXANDER BRYANT MCNAUGHTON Police Officer 12/28/1944 2-E: 26 Atlanta, Georgia, P.D. 

ROBERT ARMAND GRIFFIN Deputy Sheriff 5/1/2008 29-E: 26 Decatur County, Georgia, S.O. 


RICHARD M FRANCIS Police Officer 7/2/2008 17-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

NATHANIEL TAYLOR, JR Police Officer 9/28/2008 7-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

JOSEPH M AIRHART, JR Detective 11/4/2008 44-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

JAMES QUINN Constable 12/5/1853 24-E: 26 Chicago, Illinois, P.D. 

JOSEPH ANTONE SIGLER Special Policeman 9/14/1934 48-E: 26 Christian County, Illinois, S.O. 

JOHN FRANKLIN KELLEY Night Marshal 10/9/1921 25-E: 26 DuQuoin, Illinois, P.D. 

FRANK PAUL RUSSO Police Officer 11/1/2008 40-E: 26 Schaumburg, Illinois, P.D. 

HENRY PRATT Deputy Sheriff 7/30/1869 44-E: 26 Tazewell County, Illinois, S.O. 


RALPH WAYNE POGUE Police Officer 11/25/1928 37-E: 26 Bloomington, Indiana, P.D. 

DANIEL ROY BARRETT Trooper 1/27/2008 30-E: 26 Indiana State Police 

SARAH IRENE JONES Deputy Sheriff 10/19/2008 40-E: 26 Monroe County, Indiana, S.O. 


AMBROSE DONAHUE Merchant Police 7/2/1910 35-E: 26 Leavenworth, Kansas, P.D. 

JOHN CURRY Police Officer 5/1/1866 58-E: 26 Leavenworth, Kansas, P.D. 

WILLIAM G DEVINISH Police Officer 1/12/1910 1-W: 27 Leavenworth, Kansas, P.D. 


ANTHONY SEAN PURSIFULL Deputy Sheriff 1/10/2008 33-E: 26 Bell County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JERRY COMBS Deputy Sheriff 2/5/1940 22-E: 26 Breathitt County, Kentucky, S.O. 

J MATT SIZEMORE Sheriff 6/1/1969 62-E: 26 Clay County, Kentucky, S.O. 

MARVIN FRANKLIN CUMMINGS Deputy Sheriff 3/6/1920 3-W: 27 Clinton County, Kentucky, S.O. 

HENRY BROWN Police Officer 2/15/1896 38-E: 26 Frankfort, Kentucky, P.D. 

JOE E HOWARD, SR Constable 4/1/2008 38-E: 26 Harlan County, Kentucky, S.O. 

L R CAMPBELL Constable 8/23/1907 42-E: 26 Knox County, Kentucky, S.O. 

CALLOWAY CARNES Deputy Sheriff 5/4/1890 5-W: 27 Knox County, Kentucky, S.O. 

FLOYD SLUSHER Deputy Sheriff 3/31/1892 25-E: 26 Leslie County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JIM BELTZER Constable 6/1/1899 12-E: 26 Leslie County, Kentucky, S.O. 

MACK ROBERTS Deputy Sheriff 12/25/1905 41-E: 26 Leslie County, Kentucky, S.O. 

WILLIAM S WRIGHT Deputy Sheriff 1/30/1900 59-E: 26 Letcher County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JASON ANDREW WEBB Deputy Sheriff 12/24/1931 37-E: 26 Letcher County, Kentucky, S.O. 

RAYMOND C WARF Sheriff 10/31/1970 60-E: 26 Letcher County, Kentucky, S.O. 

BENJAMIN S RUST Police Officer 1/15/1862 11-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

EDWARD B HARDING Lieutenant 12/6/1885 9-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

WALTER VANCE Patrolman 8/25/1927 52-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

ANDREW J BLUNK Town Marshal 7/29/1893 5-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

JOHN WESLEY CARPENTER Police Officer 4/29/1935 25-E: 26 Louisville, Kentucky, P.D. 

WILLIAM LOU OSBORNE Chief of Police 10/9/1927 12-E: 26 Martin, Kentucky, P.D. 

STANLEY CLAY HELTON Deputy Sheriff 7/25/1932 62-E: 26 Menifee County, Kentucky, S.O. 

MARION STAPLETON Deputy Sheriff 7/13/1932 30-E: 26 Menifee County, Kentucky, S.O. 

HAMILTON FERGUSON, SR Constable 12/2/1984 9-E: 26 Nelson County, Kentucky, S.O. 

GUS HALL Deputy Marshal 6/25/1903 4-E: 26 Olive Hill, Kentucky, P.D. 

FRANK PHILLIPS Deputy Sheriff 12/13/1926 32-E: 26 Pike County, Kentucky, S.O. 

POYSTER KEENE, SR Deputy Sheriff 5/8/1993 23-E: 26 Pike County, Kentucky, S.O. 

THOMAS C TACKETT Deputy Sheriff 12/16/1929 4-W: 27 Pike County, Kentucky, S.O. 

JAMES SEXTON Chief of Police 5/27/1922 30-E: 26 Ravenna, Kentucky, P.D. 


PORTER SANDERS Patrolman 3/1/1912 6-E: 26 Shreveport, Louisiana, P.D. 

MARK A BECK Corporal 2/25/2008 45-E: 26 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, P.D. 

NICOLA DIANE COTTON Police Officer II 1/28/2008 64-E: 26 New Orleans, Louisiana, P.D. 

JOHN HENRY MONK Deputy Sheriff 3/19/1966 32-E: 26 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 

O DOUGLAS MCFILLEN Deputy Sheriff 3/19/1966 30-E: 26 Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 

MARTHA ANN WOODS-SHAREEF Deputy Sheriff 8/20/2008 3-E: 26 Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, S.D. 

KEITH PAUL CHIASSON Captain 3/10/2008 24-E: 26 Thibodaux, Louisiana, P.D. 

JEREMY KEITH CARTER Deputy Sheriff 12/19/2008 12-E: 26 Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, S.O. 


JOHN PETER GEORGES Patrol Officer 5/8/2007 22-E: 26 Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, P.D. 

JOSEPH A PELLETIER Chief of Police 6/10/1926 45-E: 26 Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, P.D. 

MELVIN EUGENE DYER Special Police Officer 8/25/2008 63-E: 26 Duxbury, Massachusetts, P.D. 

ALBERT SACCOCIA Patrolman 9/30/1966 50-E: 26 East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, P.D. 

ALBERT E MILLER Constable 6/20/1909 58-E: 26 Oxford, Massachusetts, P.D. 

JAMES ERVILLE VAUGHAN Chief of Police 9/23/1908 17-E: 26 Carver, Massachusetts, P.D. 


MICHAEL PATRICK HOWE Lieutenant 8/11/2008 52-E: 26 Baltimore County, Maryland, P.D. 

JAMES WASHINGTON KIRWIN Chief of Police 4/18/1930 25-E: 26 Crisfield, Maryland, P.D. 

JOHN H DAUGHERTY Chief of Police 7/28/1907 24-E: 26 Crisfield, Maryland, P.D. 

HARRY W DAUGHERTY Police Officer 5/1/1934 36-E: 26 Crisfield, Maryland, P.D. 

R MARK BREMER Officer First Class 10/23/2008 54-E: 26 Frederick City, Maryland, P.D. 

MICKEY CHARLES LIPPY Trooper First Class 9/28/2008 51-E: 26 Maryland State Police 

COURTNEY G BROOKS Corporal 1/1/2008 42-E: 26 Maryland Transportation Authority, P.D. 

RICHARD SCOTT FINDLEY Sergeant 6/27/2008 6-W: 27 Prince George’s County, Maryland, P.D. 

EDWARD G ROBERTSON Policeman 11/24/1942 17-E: 26 Town of North Beach, Maryland, P.D. 


MASON J SAMBORSKI Public Safety Officer I 12/28/2008 32-E: 26 Oak Park, Michigan, D.P.S. 


JOHN FRANCIS MCDERMOTT Police Officer 5/22/1923 64-E: 26 Rosemount, Minnesota, P.D. 


ROBERT JAMES CURRY Lieutenant 8/14/2008 59-E: 26 Gulfport, Mississippi, P.D. 


THOMAS FREDERICK BALLMAN Police Officer 2/7/2008 19-E: 26 Kirkwood, Missouri, P.D. 

WILLIAM KING BIGGS, JR Sergeant 2/7/2008 39-E: 26 Kirkwood, Missouri, P.D. 

GEORGE GREER City Marshal 3/27/1904 45-E: 26 Bloomfield, Missouri, P.D. 

GRANT ANTHONY JANSEN Police Officer 9/10/2008 24-E: 26 St. Charles City, Missouri, P.D. 

MICHAEL R KING Sergeant 10/31/2008 55-E: 26 University City, Missouri, P.D. 

OSCAR EDWIN HORNBERGER Deputy Constable 4/19/1930 24-E: 26 Perry County, Missouri, S.O. 


ALEXANDER DAVID ROSS Merchant Police Officer 3/17/1931 43-E: 26 Missoula, Montana, P.D. 

EVAN FREDERICK SCHNEIDER Trooper 8/26/2008 35-E: 26 Montana Highway Patrol 


KARA M KELLY-BORGOGNONE Trooper 2/28/2008 4-E: 26 Nevada Department of Public Safety 


THOMAS EMIL RAJI Police Officer 8/22/2008 58-E: 26 Perth Amboy, New Jersey, P.D. 

KENNETH ANDREW SANTUCCI Police Officer 9/6/2008 41-E: 26 Belleville, New Jersey, P.D. 


MICHAEL C AVILUCEA Lieutenant 5/30/2008 56-E: 26 New Mexico State Police 


KENNY MICHAEL DUNCAN Correction Officer 4/22/2008 2-W: 27 New York City Dept. of Corrections 

CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER RIDLEY Detective 1/25/2008 21-E: 26 Mt. Vernon, New York, P.D. 

ALDO A ROSSI, JR Police Officer 7/27/2008 47-E: 26 Port Dickinson, New York, P.D. 

SHAWN W SNOW Trooper 8/3/2008 14-E: 26 New York State Police 

JOSEPH DARDIS Police Officer 7/24/1944 47-E: 26 Beacon, New York, P.D. 

THOMAS WILLIAM CLARK Police Officer 1/17/2006 40-E: 26 Rochester, New York, P.D. 

PETER ANDREW RODGERS Police Officer 5/13/1924 45-E: 26 Dobbs Ferry, New York, P.D. 


ADAM WILLIAM KLUTZ Deputy Sheriff 9/19/2008 46-E: 26 Caldwell County, North Carolina, S.O. 

LEONARD CALVIN GOBLE Deputy Sheriff 6/2/1934 9-E: 26 Caldwell County, North Carolina, S.O. 

DAVID SHAWN BLANTON, JR Trooper 6/17/2008 15-E: 26 North Carolina Highway Patrol 

ANDREW JAMES STOCKS Trooper 9/9/2008 37-E: 26 North Carolina Highway Patrol 

STEVEN CHRISTOPHER BOEHM Deputy Sheriff 6/14/2008 13-E: 26 Onslow County, North Carolina, S.O. 

ALBERT MURPHY HOWELL Patrolman 9/15/1940 16-E: 26 Raeford, North Carolina, P.D. 

PLEASANT CLAY OAKES Chief of Police 8/31/1912 13-E: 26 Raeford, North Carolina, P.D. 


FREDERICK D ALDERMAN Police Officer 7/5/1882 5-W: 27 Fargo, North Dakota, P.D. 


DEREK WAYNE OWENS Patrol Officer 3/1/2008 18-E: 26 Cleveland, Ohio, P.D. 

JOSHUA T MIKTARIAN Patrolman 7/13/2008 48-E: 26 Twinsburg, Ohio, P.D. 

TIMOTHY ALLEN HALEY Police Officer 8/26/2008 51-E: 26 Columbus, Ohio, Division of Police 

SHERMAN BEATHARD City Marshal 1/16/1928 58-E: 26 London, Ohio, P.D. 

MARTY MICHAEL MARTIN Detective 9/6/2008 44-E: 26 Franklin County, Ohio, S.O. 

WILLIAM KENNETH CHADWELL Deputy Sheriff 12/24/2008 38-E: 26 Pickaway County, Ohio, S.O. 

FRANK H FLOWERS Chief of Police 4/3/1919 10-E: 26 Warren, Ohio, P.D. 

IRVING BAKER Patrolman 1/6/1933 6-W: 27 Warren, Ohio, P.D. 

AUSTIN HARMAN Patrolman 5/13/1919 3-W: 27 Bowling Green, Ohio, P.D. 

WILLIAM BURKETT Chief of Police 7/1/2005 16-E: 26 Plymouth, Ohio, P.D. 


BEN J HIGBEE City Marshal 2/1/1904 19-E: 26 Coyle, Oklahoma, P.D. 

G RALPH ELLIS Deputy Constable 11/7/1915 38-E: 26 Creek County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

ANDERSON LEWIS Sheriff 11/13/1905 59-E: 26 Gaines County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

HENRY L HARPER Deputy Sheriff 9/14/1919 27-E: 26 Harmon County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

LESLIE EUGENE WILMOTT Sergeant 5/29/2008 47-E: 26 Kiefer, Oklahoma, P.D. 

DUSTIN SHAWN DUNCAN Deputy Sheriff 2/4/2008 18-E: 26 Latimer County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

BERRY JONES Sheriff 2/14/1920 51-E: 26 Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

GEORGE LONEY Deputy Sheriff 5/2/1911 44-E: 26 Okfuskee County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

ROBERT CRAIG DOUGLAS Sergeant 9/28/2008 40-E: 26 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, P.D. 

WILLIAM C TURNER Guard Foreman 7/18/1935 51-E: 26 Oklahoma Department of Corrections 

ROBERT W ARNOLD Deputy Sheriff 12/14/1924 41-E: 26 Osage County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

JAMES D SNIDER Deputy Sheriff 2/13/1921 13-E: 26 Osage County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

DAVID SAMUEL ROBERTSON Deputy Sheriff 12/11/1929 6-E: 26 Seminole County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

TOM HOOD Deputy Sheriff 3/27/1933 35-E: 26 Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

WILLIAM FRANKLIN JONES Constable 7/15/1934 21-E: 26 Tillman County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

FRED HOLLINGSWORTH Deputy Sheriff 7/12/1915 19-E: 26 Washita County, Oklahoma, S.O. 

THEAREL MAJOR JOHNSON City Marshal 6/30/1950 45-E: 26 Wister, Oklahoma, P.D. 


WILLIAM ROBERT HAKIM Senior Trooper 12/12/2008 46-E: 26 Oregon State Police 

THOMAS PAUL TENNANT Captain 12/12/2008 23-E: 26 Woodburn, Oregon, P.D. 


HARRY H EXLEY Deputy Sheriff 8/22/1909 55-E: 26 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, S.O. 

MICHAEL A MCGINLEY, JR Constable 10/13/1915 10-E: 26 Altoona, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER WEIGAND Sergeant 9/14/2008 53-E: 26 Latimore Township, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

DAVID DONALD TOME Police Officer 10/21/2008 13-E: 26 Northern York County Regional, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

ISABEL NAZARIO Police Officer 9/5/2008 3-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

PATRICK MCDONALD Sergeant 9/23/2008 3-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

TIMOTHY SIMPSON Sergeant 11/17/2008 4-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

STEPHEN LICZBINSKI Sergeant 5/3/2008 4-E: 26 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

ALBERT B BURRIS Lieutenant 6/30/1925 50-E: 26 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

WILLIAM LEVAN Police Officer 2/27/1868 34-E: 26 Reading, Pennsylvania, P.D. 

NATHANIEL MICHAEL BURNFIELD Police Officer 11/4/2008 8-E: 26 South Strabane Twp, Pennsylvania, P.D. 


J T MCATEER Prison Guard 7/5/1977 61-E: 26 Lancaster County, South Carolina, S.O. 

JAMES DARRYL HAYNES, II Lance Corporal 2/1/2008 21-E: 26 South Carolina Highway Patrol 

DENNIS CARL COMPTON Deputy Sheriff 8/6/2008 11-E: 26 Colleton County, South Carolina, S.O. 

JAMES DUFFY Police Officer 7/16/1916 50-E: 26 Charleston, South Carolina, P.D. 

WILLIAM HOWELL, JR Corporal 5/3/2008 20-E: 26 Orangeburg County, South Carolina, S.O. 


WILLIAM DANIEL NUCHOLS Deputy 10/7/1956 55-E: 26 Blount County, Tennessee, S.O. 

ANTHONY SHANE TATE Deputy Sheriff 6/5/2008 36-E: 26 Grundy County, Tennessee, S.O. 

CLARENCE D TURNER Deputy Sheriff 5/19/1928 60-E: 26 Cumberland County, Tennessee, S.O. 

JOHN FRANKLIN SWANN Deputy Sheriff 2/8/1924 42-E: 26 Roane County, Tennessee, S.O. 

BRIAN DEWAYNE DENNING Deputy Sheriff 12/8/2008 26-E: 26 Sumner County, Tennessee, S.O. 

LEE MAYO Constable 3/28/1928 3-W: 27 Davidson County, Tennessee, S.O. 

THOMAS FARRELL Deputy Sheriff 5/27/1913 15-E: 26 Davidson County, Tennessee, S.O. 

BILLY M STEVENS Correctional Deputy 5/22/1966 52-E: 26 Davidson County, Tennessee, S.O. 

JAMES A DICKEY Sheriff 8/1/1964 31-E: 26 McNairy County, Tennessee, S.O. 

JOHN YORK Deputy Sheriff 6/29/1931 10-E: 26 McNairy County, Tennessee, S.O. 


MARK STEVEN SIMMONS, JR Police Officer 12/17/2008 3-E: 26 Amarillo, Texas, P.D. 

JAMES ROBERT GODLEY Deputy Sheriff 12/13/1874 53-E: 26 Anderson County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM READ MCMULLEN Sheriff 5/19/1866 40-E: 26 Angelina County, Texas, S.O. 

DARWIN RICE Deputy Constable 8/8/1886 21-E: 26 Bell County, Texas, S.O. 

JOSEPH THEOPHELUS HUTSON Chief of Police 2/10/1929 36-E: 26 Borger, Texas. P.D. 

PARKER MORGAN Deputy Sheriff 12/2/1874 63-E: 26 Bosque County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN MORGAN Deputy Sheriff 12/2/1874 36-E: 26 Bosque County, Texas, S.O. 

ROBERT F TALLEY Deputy Constable 11/10/1947 41-E: 26 Bowie County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 6 

LEONARD E MOREHEAD Sheriff 3/29/1924 18-E: 26 Brazos County, Texas, S.O. 

FRANCIS HOWARD BECKER Deputy Sheriff 8/19/1942 20-E: 26 Brown County, Texas, S.O. 

LEVIN P SMITH, JR Deputy City Marshal 5/15/1885 33-E: 26 Bryan, Texas, P.D. 

PEDRO VALDEZ, JR Deputy Sheriff 2/19/1928 64-E: 26 Caldwell County, Texas, S.O. 

SANTIAGO BRITO Sheriff 8/21/1892 34-E: 26 Cameron County, Texas, S.O. 

EVERETT WILLIAM DENNIS Police Officer 6/3/2008 58-E: 26 Carthage, Texas, P.D. 

ALFRED OTTO FISCHER Deputy Sheriff 3/10/1917 19-E: 26 Comal County, Texas, S.O. 

MATTHEW BARRET THEBEAU Police Officer 1/20/2008 43-E: 26 Corpus Christi, Texas, P.D. 

JOHN E MARTINDALE City Marshal 10/25/1887 10-E: 26 Cuero, Texas, P.D. 

VICTOR ANTONIO LOZADA, SR, SR Senior Corporal 2/22/2008 2-W: 27 Dallas, Texas, P.D. 

JOHN WILSON SLAUGHTER Night Watchman 3/12/1927 21-E: 26 Clarendon, Texas, P.D. 

THOMAS PAGE GODFREY, JR Constable 8/3/1938 22-E: 26 Ellis County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

OTTO MENN Deputy Sheriff 11/9/1898 59-E: 26 Fayette County, Texas, S.O. 

ALBERT LITTLE Deputy Sheriff 2/8/1888 23-E: 26 Gonzales County, Texas, S.O. 

HARRY LANE THIELEPAPE, JR Corporal 2/20/2008 23-E: 26 Harris County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 6 

DAVID JOUBERT, SR Deputy Constable 1/12/2008 5-E: 26 Harris County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 7 

THOMAS L KEEN Deputy Sheriff 9/15/2008 18-E: 26 Harris County, Texas, S.O. 

CHARLES L HAYS Constable 10/1/1903 17-E: 26 Harrison County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 4 

LEONARD C DELISLE Sheriff 5/27/1869 38-E: 26 Harrison County, Texas, S.O. 

RUFUS H DAY Deputy Sheriff 12/23/1879 53-E: 26 Henderson County, Texas, S.O. 

JAMES J BOBBITT Constable 4/30/1910 60-E: 26 Houston County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 7 

GARY ALLEN GRYDER Police Officer 6/29/2008 20-E: 26 Houston, Texas, P.D. 

TIMOTHY SCOTT ABERNETHY Police Officer 12/7/2008 25-E: 26 Houston, Texas, P.D. 

GEORGE WILLIAM HARDIN Deputy Constable 7/2/1900 49-E: 26 Hunt County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

ROBERT F HAGOOD Deputy Sheriff 10/14/1874 52-E: 26 Hunt County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM MEREDITH KING Sheriff 7/17/1885 31-E: 26 Jack County, Texas, S.O. 

GEORGE M LEFTWITCH Deputy Sheriff 8/10/1901 34-E: 26 Jack County, Texas, S.O. 

FRANK MILBY Deputy Sheriff 12/6/1903 49-E: 26 Jackson County, Texas, S.O. 

GEORGE WHARTON Sheriff 9/13/1903 46-E: 26 Jackson County, Texas, S.O. 

FRANK BRUGH Deputy Sheriff 9/13/1903 27-E: 26 Jackson County, Texas, S.O. 

W F CARR Guard 11/3/1906 4-W: 27 Jefferson County, Texas, Convict Camp 

HARVEY BOLIN Deputy Sheriff 8/20/1932 33-E: 26 Lamb County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN HARMON MUNDINE Deputy Sheriff 4/18/1903 39-E: 26 Lee County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM CAMP Guard 6/8/1892 49-E: 26 McLennan County, Texas, Convict Farm 

ROBERT H WOODALL Jailer 9/23/1925 5-E: 26 McLennan County, Texas, S.O. 

EDWARD D EMMONS Deputy Sheriff 1/12/1935 63-E: 26 McLennan County, Texas, S.O. 

MARCUS TILLMAN CAGE City Marshal 10/17/1903 62-E: 26 Mineola, Texas, P.D. 

WAYNE B PARKS Deputy Sheriff 10/29/1885 37-E: 26 Mitchell County, Texas, S.O. 

JESS S HENDERSON Deputy Sheriff 1/23/1923 63-E: 26 Morris County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN W MARTIN Deputy Sheriff 3/28/1924 45-E: 26 Nacogdoches County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM JACKSON CARNLEY Deputy Sheriff 5/16/1918 44-E: 26 Nacogdoches County, Texas, S.O. 

JAMES FRANKLIN NEWMAN Sheriff 12/30/1914 43-E: 26 Nolan County, Texas, S.O. 

CHARLES WASHINGTON NEWSOM Night Watchman 12/5/1920 47-E: 26 Pittsburg, Texas, P.D. 

TORIBIO PASTRANO Deputy Sheriff 8/14/1891 53-E: 26 Presidio County, Texas, S.O. 

ADDISON WYSER Deputy Sheriff 5/28/1882 28-E: 26 Robertson County, Texas, S.O. 

CHARLES THOMAS RUSHING Deputy Sheriff 9/21/1913 22-E: 26 Robertson County, Texas, S.O. 

ROBERT A DAVIS Patrol Officer 12/1/2008 35-E: 26 San Antonio, Texas, P.D. 

ROBERT LEE WATTS Sheriff 11/1/1919 38-E: 26 San Augustine County, Texas, S.O. 

HENRY CLAY WALKER Constable 10/2/1942 58-E: 26 Stonewall County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

JOHN L WYLIE Correctional Officer 4/22/1909 28-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BOBBIE B BULLARD Warden 6/6/1963 15-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

CHARLES CLAIBORNE Correctional Officer 8/9/1915 61-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JESSE F GOODWIN Correctional Officer 7/16/1890 42-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JAMES JACKSON Correctional Officer 12/15/1890 21-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LARUE Correctional Officer 11/22/1946 12-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

SIDNEY ALBERT SYMS Correctional Officer 9/29/1928 60-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JOSEPH F WILKERSON Correctional Officer 4/23/1906 50-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BENJAMIN WILLIAMSON Correctional Officer 6/30/1890 15-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

BARBARA J SHUMATE Sergeant 6/13/2008 13-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

H D PARSONS Correctional Officer 7/26/1898 46-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

WILLIAM M RADER Correctional Officer 7/22/1926 22-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

FELIX SMITH Correctional Officer 6/19/1936 63-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

TOMMY MELLIE STARNES Correctional Officer 6/11/1931 47-E: 26 Texas Department of Criminal Justice 

JAMES SCOTT BURNS Trooper II 4/29/2008 53-E: 26 Texas Dept. of Public Safety 

GEORGE HAROLD WHATLEY, JR Game Warden 10/10/2008 26-E: 26 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 

FOUNTAIN B WOODRUFF Private 2/4/1860 3-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM A GLASS Private 7/12/1874 2-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

DAVID W H BAILEY Private 7/12/1874 19-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM MCKAY Private 11/16/1859 56-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM BOHANON Private 7/2/1885 31-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

R E DOATY Private 3/22/1892 4-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JONATHON THOMPSON Private 2/27/1859 16-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS GRIER Private 11/16/1859 48-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

NICHOLAS R MILETT Private 11/16/1859 7-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOHN FOX Private 11/16/1859 6-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

DAVID HERMAN Private 12/14/1859 24-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOSEPH R RIFF Private 12/6/1870 39-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WALTER RICHARZ Private 12/6/1870 23-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

ROBERT NICKEL Private 5/12/1858 50-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

LORENZO BIEDIGER Private 12/6/1870 55-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

HOMER WHITE Private 2/4/1908 35-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

ROBERT LEE BURDETT Private 6/7/1915 61-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

T E P PERKINS Private 11/7/1918 52-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

W EMMETT ROBUCK Private 9/9/1902 27-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

L B SMITH Private 6/12/1875 14-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM M ALSOBROOK Private 12/9/1919 11-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS JEFFERSON GOFF Private 9/14/1905 23-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOSEPH BENJAMIN BUCHANAN Private 12/26/1921 54-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOE R SHAW Private 8/21/1918 2-W: 27 Texas Rangers, Texas 

EUGENE B HULEN Private 5/24/1915 20-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS CARLYLE HYDE Private 4/30/1918 49-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

SCOTT RUSSELL Private 6/23/1913 61-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JAMES H MOORE Private 3/31/1887 43-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

WILLIAM B ANGLIN Private 6/29/1879 2-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

GEORGE R BINGHAM Private 7/3/1880 18-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

THOMAS P NIGH Private 8/18/1885 61-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOHN F GRAVIS Private 8/4/1890 12-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

A A RUZIN Private 8/10/1878 16-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

TIMOTHY MCCARTY Private 1/2/1878 56-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

J W WOODS Private 11/30/1893 9-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

C E MORTIMER Fourth Sergeant 12/13/1877 34-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

JOHN E MCBRIDE Third Sergeant 12/17/1877 29-E: 26 Texas Rangers, Texas 

BRENT LEE Sheriff 11/27/2008 1-W: 27 Trinity County, Texas, S.O. 

W H KELLY Deputy Sheriff 4/24/1911 6-W: 27 Trinity County, Texas, S.O. 

JOHN L HAMMOND City Marshal 5/17/1890 54-E: 26 Vernon, Texas, P.D. 

WALTER MURRAY KIBBE Deputy Sheriff 7/24/1911 51-E: 26 Victoria County, Texas, S.O. 

NELSON MAXEY Deputy Sheriff 11/19/1869 33-E: 26 Washington County, Texas, S.O. 

OTTO H HEYNE Deputy Sheriff 7/31/1936 2-W: 27 Wharton County, Texas, S.O. 

SAM ABBOTT MOSLEY Deputy Constable 8/22/1898 62-E: 26 Wichita County, Texas, C.O., Pct. 1 

UEL MUSICK Sheriff 12/7/1882 62-E: 26 Wilbarger County, Texas, S.O. 

WILLIAM A GILLESPIE Deputy Sheriff 3/11/1927 5-E: 26 Wilbarger County, Texas, S.O. 


CHARLES BENJAMIN SKINNER Police Officer 11/8/2008 36-E: 26 North Salt Lake, Utah, P.D. 

LEVI WASHINGTON DAVIS Police Officer 5/7/1860 54-E: 26 Springville, Utah, P.D. 


JARROD BRENT SHIVERS Detective 1/17/2008 27-E: 26 Chesapeake, Virginia, P.D. 

TODD ALLEN BAHR Police Officer 6/6/2008 41-E: 26 Fredericksburg, Virginia, P.D. 

GEORGE WASHINGTON NUCKOLLS Town Sergeant 3/8/1919 39-E: 26 Coeburn, Virginia, P.D. 

ROSCOE FLANARY Police Officer 11/1/1906 54-E: 26 Coeburn, Virginia, P.D. 

LUTHER PANNETT Sheriff 12/21/1932 17-E: 26 Frederick County, Virginia, S.O. 

MICHAEL SMITH PHILLIPS Detective 8/7/2008 28-E: 26 Virginia Beach, Virginia, P.D. 

JOHN MOSES YOST Town Sergeant 7/2/1921 5-W: 27 Richlands, Virginia, P.D. 

FRANCIS JOSEPH STECCO Second Lieutenant 10/25/2008 48-E: 26 Fairfax County, Virginia, P.D. 

JOHN WILLIAMSON SAUNDERS, SR Justice of the Peace 3/22/1900 37-E: 26 Greensville County, Virginia, S.O. 


ANNE MARIE JACKSON Patrol Deputy 9/2/2008 53-E: 26 Skagit County, Washington, S.O. 

NELSON KAI NG Sergeant 8/15/2008 4-W: 27 Ellensburg, Washington, P.D. 


CLAUDE HENSLEY Chief of Police 4/27/1909 19-E: 26 Clendenin, West Virginia, P.D. 

JOSEPH H DAVIDSON Constable 10/9/1934 4-E: 26 Mercer County, West Virginia, S.O. 


JOHN HARMS Detective 11/18/1918 47-E: 26 Racine, Wisconsin, P.D. 

HUBERT STAATS Deputy Sheriff 9/13/1927 7-E: 26 La Crosse County, Wisconsin, S.O. 

JASON SCOTT ZUNKER Deputy Sheriff 1/5/2008 44-E: 26 Chippewa County, Wisconsin, S.O. 


EDWARD N DAWES Deputy Sheriff 7/30/1895 3-W: 27 Uinta County, Wyoming, S.O. 


OSVALDO PEREZ-LEON Agent 7/7/2008 32-E: 26 Puerto Rico, P.D. 

ORLANDO GONZALEZ-ORTIZ Agent 8/7/2008 2-E: 26 Puerto Rico, P.D. 

AKEEM BASIL NEWTON Police Officer 1/20/2008 31-E: 26 U.S. Virgin Islands, P.D. 


THOMAS JOSEPH BYRNE Group Supervisor 8/30/2008 26-E: 26 Drug Enforcement Administration 

SAMUEL STEELE HICKS Special Agent 11/19/2008 63-E: 26 Federal Bureau of Investigation 

CHARLES LINSON BROWN, JR Special Agent 7/5/1973 49-E: 26 Federal Bureau of Investigation 

JOSE V RIVERA Correctional Officer 6/20/2008 36-E: 26 Federal Bureau of Prisons 

LEE CHARL HITCHCOCK Captain 9/10/1967 29-E: 26 Office of Special Investigations, Air Force 

LUIS ALBERTO AGUILAR Senior Patrol Agent 1/19/2008 10-E: 26 U.S. Border Patrol 

JAROD C DITTMAN Border Patrol Agent 3/30/2008 11-E: 26 U.S. Border Patrol 

KRISTINE MARIE FAIRBANKS Law Enforcement Officer 9/20/2008 29-E: 26 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service 

TIMOTHY JOHN FIDEL Special Agent 10/29/2004 2-W: 27 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

JOSEPH C AKIN Posse Member 2/21/1915 29-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

JIRDAN LOUIS ANDERS Deputy U.S. Marshal 9/9/1921 16-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

BOYD ARNETT Deputy U.S. Marshal 8/20/1895 7-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

CALLOWAY BRANSON GARNER Special Deputy Marshal 6/24/1893 46-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

JOHN FRANKLIN GOODING Deputy U.S. Marshal 7/18/1935 49-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

JAMES E HILL Deputy U.S. Marshal 10/30/1924 17-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

WALTER RELEIGH KILLION Deputy U.S. Marshal 5/24/1884 41-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

HENRY M LOVE Posse Member 7/20/1899 54-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

FAX BROOKS MURPHY Deputy U.S. Marshal 8/17/1960 31-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

CHARLES THOMAS WARNER Deputy U.S. Marshal 5/23/1935 5-W: 27 U.S. Marshals Service 

SHERMAN RUSSELL Deputy U.S. Marshal 7/12/1893 14-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

C RV SCHEFSKY Special Deputy Marshal 9/7/1870 59-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

ORVILLE R WEBSTER Deputy U.S. Marshal 9/19/1919 42-E: 26 U.S. Marshals Service 

BRUCE O SHAFFER Postal Inspector 8/31/1951 14-E: 26 U.S. Postal Inspection Service 

LEVI C CHANCE Postal Inspector 2/14/1923 15-E: 26 U.S. Postal Inspection Service 


DIRK A MILLER Special Agent 12/12/1985 6-W: 27 Army Criminal Investigative Command 

THOMAS J MORRELL Military Police 6/13/1987 37-E: 26 Marine Corps, U.S. 


ALBERT W LARGE Chief Special Agent 8/7/1903 39-E: 26 Grand Trunk Railway, P.D. 

EDWARD G LOWRY Police Officer 2/19/1909 11-E: 26 Omaha, Nebraska, P.D. 

MYLES S KELLER Sheriff 11/9/1924 43-E: 26 Perkins County, Nebraska, S.O. 

BRICE LEON WOODY Special Agent 7/23/1965 22-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

GEORGE RICHARD KEBORT Special Agent 7/8/1949 32-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

LEONARD HARRIS Chief Detective 5/16/1894 35-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

JAMES NATHANIEL MALONE Special Agent 7/8/1924 61-E: 26 Southern Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

AARON G GARCIA Special Agent 5/7/2008 28-E: 26 Union Pacific Railroad, P.D. 

WILLIAM FORD SHERMAN Special Agent 8/31/1927 59-E: 26 Union Pacific Railroad, P.D. 


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